This morning we went to our church’s fall kick off. You know that time when our churches usually put on a big to do about all the programs starting up in the fall. As usual it was a pretty good time, an outdoor service, bouncy castles, an angry birds game where kids threw water balloons at pastors in green pig masks, and a baptism.

During the baptism, Journee asked is she could get baptized, and as there are usually classes and red tape to go through to prepare for baptism, the answer was, not today! We’re not against her getting baptized, it just wouldn’t have happened today. She definitely understands what it means and I can’t wait for her to be baptized. It just got me thinking about whether or not there is a proper age for kids to get baptized.

I had the privilege of being baptized twice.

The first time I was baptized was on a family trip to Israel, I was 10 or 11. We were there on a tour of people connected to 100 Huntley Street. As part of the tour we went to the Jordan River and to the exact spot where Jesus was baptized. I know it was the exact spot that Jesus was baptized because there was a wheel chair ramp into the water, and that concrete ramp was anti-slip for those of us who could walk, not to mention a royal blue handrail for us to hold on to for extra support. Even at that young age I could see why John picked that spot, he was looking out for all those that would be baptized.

Anyway, there was an opportunity for all of us in the tour to be baptized. I’m not sure why I got baptized there, not sure if it was because of the “location” or becuase it was David Mainse that was doing the baptism, or even if it was my choice, but I was baptized. At the age of 10 or 11.

The second time I was baptized was the summer between my first and second year of Bible College. This time was not as iconic as the first time. The baptism took place in Okanagan Lake in my friends backyard. The person that baptized me this time was just a regular young adult pastor. There was no wheel chair ramp, no anti-slip coating on the concrete, no royal blue handrail, and to top it all off, no change of clothes. But this time I did know why I was doing it, it was because I had made the choice to be baptized. I knew why I was doing it, my beliefs were mine and not my parents. I understood the commitment I was making, and it was a decision I did not take lightly that warm August night on Okanagan Lake.

I was 22.

All of that to say, I don’t know if there is a proper age for someone to be baptized, but I do know that we as believers need to make sure that we teach our children that baptism is not something to be taken lightly. As I look back now, I don’t think I was ready at 10 or 11 to make that choice.

What do you think is the proper age for children to be baptized?

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