I got to thinking today about the whole abortion issue. √?¬†There are a couple of different stances on the issue. You have:

Pro-choice√?¬†describes the√?¬†political√?¬†and√?¬†ethical√?¬†view that a woman should have complete control over her√?¬†fertility√?¬†and the choice to continue or terminate a√?¬†pregnancy. This entails the guarantee of√?¬†reproductive rights, which includes access to√?¬†sexual education; access to safe and legal√?¬†abortion,√?¬†contraception, and√?¬†fertility treatments; and legal protection from√?¬†forced abortion. Individuals and organizations who support these positions make up the√?¬†pro-choice movement.√?¬†

(from Wikipedia)


Pro-life√?¬†is a term representing a variety of perspectives and activist movements inbioethics. It most commonly (especially in the media and popular discourse) refers to opposition to√?¬†abortion√?¬†and support for√?¬†fetal rights. The term describes the political and ethical view which maintains that√?¬†fetuses√?¬†and√?¬†embryos√?¬†are human beings, and therefore have a√?¬†right to live. Less commonly, it can be used to indicate opposition to practices such as√?¬†euthanasia, the√?¬†death penalty,√?¬†human cloning, and research involving√?¬†human embryonic stem cells.

Now I have grown up in a Christian environment, and the church definitely leans toward the Pro-Life side of the argument.

Today I started to wonder, for wonderings sake, if there could be a middle ground for everyone to meet on?

Here is the question I have and I would like your thoughts on the subject.

Is it possible to be both pro-life and pro-choice? Or do you have to choose a side?

Is it possible that as a Christian I could hold both side of the√?¬†argument√?¬†to be true. Ultimately it is the right of the woman to choose, but on the other hand all human life is sacred.

Just my thoughts!

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