Original Post


Yesterday I took the girls swimming to the local aquatic center. And like any father with three girls I went into the family change room. The last thing I need is for my girls to see a bunch of naked old guys. This is where the frustration begins.

Who do you expect to be in a family change room? Families right! Well it seems that to some people the family change room means that it’s a place for single men, single women, boys and girls to use. Come on people what part of family do you not understand. Family means, at least, one adult and one or more kids or a handicapped person.

So were waiting for an open stall, and finally a couple become available. Out of these occupied stalls walk young men, 15+ in age, and you guessed it one out of each stall. I guess they were illiterate and blind, because the change room is clearly marked.

The Update

For the last 8 weeks I have been in an occupational rehab program, preparing me to go back to work. As a part of the program, we have days that we go to the pool for aqua therapy. For the most part the people in this program are 18+ in age, my group, this time around, were all over the age of 25.

Despite the age of all the participants, I was amazed to see that some of the older members of our group still opted to use the family change rooms. I could not believe my eyes as a 50-year-old man, alone, went to change in the family area. It got the rest of us talking about how weird it was that a grown person would use them and what the reason could possibly be.

I can understand that the last thing a man wants is another man staring at another mans naked body, but if your that uncomfortable you can use one of the stalls with a curtain.

So, we came to the conclusion that he had never been in a mens only change room, and therefore did not know there are curtained change areas.