Everyday as I go to work, I pass a local Tim Hortons. √?¬†Now, I know that this is a stereotype, but every day there are cops there having their morning √?¬†fill of the circular fluffiness, that are donuts. √?¬†And this morning was no exception. This particular morning I had to stop for gas at the station beside the Tim’s. After I finished filling up I proceeded to work, ant that is when it happened. My stomach sank as I looked in my mirror and to my surprise one of our own taser wielding boys in blue flipped on the old blue and red. I calmly pulled my car to the side of the road and got my “license and registration.” The officer in question walked up to the window of my car (this is no joke) with one hand on his taser and the other pointing a flash light in my face blinding me (not really, just enough that I saw spots). I thought it weird that a man holding a gun, a taser, a flash light and a baton (not the twirling type), would be afraid to actually come to the window, but he came to the rear driver door and addresses me from there. √?¬†Oh well, when it was all said and done I only got a warning to put my plates on, and never did get tased.