I have been prepping to officiate my grandmothers funeral, and have been looking through her Bible.

Now if you know my grandmother, and many of you don’t, you will know that my grandma loved to clip little sayings and prayers out of books and magazines. √?¬†Every card you got from her would have one of these little clippings in it. When I was younger I thought they were a cheesy grandma thing, but I can say that now I appreciate them.

And today as I looked through her Bible I found one of those clippings, it was taped (or glued) in the front cover of her Bible. It’s a poem called “One Year To Live.”

If I had but one year to live;
One year to help; one year to give;
One year to love; on year to bless;
One year of better things to stress;√?¬†
One year to sing; one year to smile;
To brighten earth a little while;
One year to sing my Maker’s praise;
One year to fill with work my days;
One year to strive for a reward
When I should stand before my Lord.√?¬†

I think that I should spend each day,
In just the very self-same way
That I do now. For, from afar
The call me come to cross the bar
At any time, and I must be√?¬†
Prepared to meet eternity.

So if I have a year to live;
Or just a day in which to give
A√?¬†pleasant√?¬†smile, a helping hand,
A mind that tries to understand√?¬†
A fellow-creature when in need,
‘Tis one with me-I take no heed;
But try to live each day He sends
To serve my gracious Master’s ends.


I will miss you Grandma.