So you’ve heard about my accident by now, but what you might not know are the details. So here they are. On Apr. 24th I was unloading a flatbed truck with a forklift. As lifted the pallet off the truck and backed away, the back wheel of the forklift sunk into some soft dirt. The forklift started to tilt to the left, and began to fall. I jumped from the seat and tried to get out of the way, but didn’t make it. The roll cage of the forklift landed on my right thigh breaking my femur. If the forklift would have struck 3 inches higher I would probably be dead. I wad pinned for about 2 minutes while a couple of guys hooked the loader on to the forklift off of me. A couple of minutes later the ambulance, fire, and police showed up. All told it took 30 min to get me out and into the ambulance. They called Simone and she met me at the hospital. The next bit is all a blur, but I was in the ER till 5PM. I went into surgery at around 7PM and back in my room by 11:30 that night. During the surgery the doctor put a metal rod into my leg and secured it with a screw on either end. This rod and screws will be with me for the rest of my life. Friday was a better day. I had a morphine I.V. That I controlled, so when the pain got to bad I could press a button and get some relief. Saturday I woke up in puddle of blood. It was at this time that we found out that I had a puncture wound where the bone poked through the skin. So they started a blood transfusion. I got 2 units of blood and then went into surgery for a second time to close up that wound. I then had 3 more units of blood after the surgery. One week later I was home. While I was at home I started bleeding again. There were many trips to the hospital that week. Things are getting better now, but there is still pain. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts.dsc_4651.jpg Here is a picture of my incision. This is where the put the rod into my leg.