Let me start with the Love Christmas part. I love Christmas. The whole true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus to come and save me from the sins that I commit everyday. I love the story of awe and bewilderment of a teenage couple being told by angels that they would be the parents of the Son of God. I love the story of Jesus humble entrance into this world, the fact that he could have made the most stunning entrance and yet, He enter the earth in one of the messiest ways possible.Yes there is lots to love about Christmas. The songs, the sense of community that happens around Christmas. Even wars have been put on hold for this one important day. It was by far and the most important day in the history of man kind, followed by the death of Christ. But this is where I begin to hate Christmas. You see no matter how much as Christians we say we know the true meaning of Christmas, I don’t think we do.We sit in our nice, not so nice, even palatial, well lit, heated, homes around a table piled high with, chocolates, candy, baking, turkey and a multitude of other food and drink and look at our Christmas trees around which are surrounded by stacks and stacks of gifts. We spend day, weeks and even some of us, months ahead of time planning and spending for one day.I must say that my family is no different we have spent and ate our fair share this Christmas. But like at no other time in my life as I sat around the Christmas tree and watched my children open their gifts I was sick to my stomach. And later as we gathered around the table to gorge ourselves on turkey, ham and all the trimmings I felt even worse. I began to wonder to myself What would Jesus think about Christmas?”Now I am not claiming to know what Jesus would actually think, but I think that he may be a little sick as well. I am not sure that he would be there around our trees, or our dinner tables. I am not sure that he would be sitting in our churches during our Christmas Eve services timed so the family can get in and out and home to the really purpose of the day, opening presents. What would he think about our giving into 4 of the 7 deadly sins:

  1. greed- wanting the most and best presents
  2. gluttony- self explanatory
  3. envy- wanting what someone else got
  4. pride- in giving and getting the best gifts.

Again I love Christmas, but I am sad that as a Christian I have allowed the true meaning of Christmas to escape my family. I am sorry that instead of dwelling on the miracle of the virgin birth, and what it means, I have allowed it to be just a story that we read quickly before we begin opening our gifts.Sorry God, for not celebrating your Sons birthday in the way that he is due.