From all of us we want to wish you a Happy Easter.


Family Update

I can’t believe we’re into April already where has 2013 gone. I bet your asking what’s new with the Wittenbergs, well I’ll tell you.

Here’s the big news. Our house has been on the market now for six months in the hopes that it would sell and we could move to Thailand. We, along with Peter Dove, decided we would put an end date on the sale, if it did not sell be a certain date, that would be our sign to stay in Canada. Today was that day,  and unfortunately the house has not sold so we believe that this is God’s way of telling us to stay in Canada.

On top of the house not selling, 2013 has been a bit of a challenging time for our family. In December, Carson injured his shoulder at work and has not worked since and will be off for at least six more weeks.  As a family we have dealt with Hand Foot and Mouth disease, strep throat, digestive issues and other injuries. It seems that we have spent most of 2013 dealing with illness. Simone has also been dealing with a mysterious illness for the past few months. She has undergone multiple blood tests, x-rays, ultra-sounds, and other tests all to no avail. We are hoping and praying for her to be healed, but also believing that the doctors will be able to help shed some light on what it is that’s causing the illness.

Although this year has been challenging already, we trust that it can only get better and look forward to what the great things God has in store for us…and you.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support.