Tomorrow is Halloween and I can’t wait to get the kids dressed up and go trick or treating. Halloween is a holiday that I have always enjoyed. I went out trick or treating right up until I was 25. That’s right, till I was 25. The only difference is the kind of treats that people offer you. Instead of candy, I was often offered cigarettes, cigars, and alcohol. But it was still fun to dress up and have fun.

The one thing I don’t understand about this holiday, is all the controversy in the Christian circles. I have grown up in the church and have heard all the arguments about why Christians shouldn’t celebrate Halloween. But what I really don’t understand is why it’s not good to get dressed up and go door to door in the community. But it is okay for Christians to get dressed up and head to the church for a “Harvest Festival” or a “Reformation Service.” Whether you are out and about with your kids going door to door, or if you are at church participating in a Christian celebration, are you not still celebrating Halloween, just with a different name?