In the Bible Jesus says, “Go into all the world and make disciples. “(Matt:28:19) √?¬†To me, the theme of this√?¬†verse√?¬†is to make disciples.√?¬†

If the goal is to make disciples then realistically should churches have short term missions trips? And if so, what do you think they should look like?

The reason I ask this is because Jesus says to make disciples. √?¬†He does not tell us to go, get people saved and then leave. But instead to make disciples. √?¬†Discipleship takes time, sometimes many years.√?¬†

Typically, a short term missions trip is just that, short, usually a week or two. √?¬†Is this enough time for one to disciple a person? Not in my experience.

I am not against missions trips, in fact I have been on my fair share of them and have enjoyed, and learned from,√?¬†everyone√?¬†of them.

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