I have been reading through the Gospels again and taking a look at Jesus all over again. What I have realized is that the Jesus I was taught about in Sunday school and even today in church is a sanitized, cleaned up, tame version of the Jesus that is in the Bible.

What characterized Jesus and the 12 was their unpredictability. Jesus was always surprising the disciples, by eating at the wrong houses, hanging around the wrong people, and healing on the wrong day. The disciples never knew what to expect with Jesus. One minute he could be teaching a large crowd, or walking with the disciples. The next minute he was cursing a fig tree for bearing fruit out of season. And after that he was in the temple making a whip and trashing the place. If that’s not enough after trashing the temple he sat down with the people he didn’t send out, and began to teach. When the disciple finished making new rules, no kids around Jesus; don’t let the crowd touch Jesus; don’t talk to the Samaritan woman; don’t let people waste expensive perfume, Jesus told them to knock it off and the rebuke was often followed by a lecture.

The pharisees wanted Jesus to be like them and I think today we want Jesus to be like us, tame, predictable and domesticated. But the truth of it is that Jesus is not like us, he is unpredictable, he is not tame, he is not domesticated. When Jesus is present everyone is uncomfortable, yet glad at the same time. People don’t like surprises, they don’t want to be uncomfortable. We want a tame Jesus.

When we tame Jesus we lose our awe. Lose your awe of God and your left with and impotent√?¬†deity√?¬†(Mike Yaconelli).

We need to again get back to a relationship with the real untamed, unpredictable Jesus of the Bible. When we come into contact with this Jesus, that is when we become alive.