Imagine Thailand is part of a competition!

It’s a win-win situation and it’s all part of Kelowna Global Citizen’s Week and this particular project is called Global Music Fest 2012!

We, along with 5 other organizations, have been paired up with individual song writers, who each wrote a song for the organization with whom they were partnered. Each organization can use the created song for promotional purposes, and the song writer who gets the most Youtube hits featuring the song wins free studio time for a new album.

As of this weekend, Imagine Thailand has access to the song and now I want to help our composer as much as I can. His name is Brent Tyler, he’s written a beautiful tune, and I’ve included the lyrics below so you can see them as well as hear them. I encourage you to listen to the song, then send it to as many friends and family as you can, encouraging them to pass it on after they’ve listend to it.