You know the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” ? The saying is true. ? But pictures are not always a reflection of reality. Read below to see what I mean:

A recent case: staged Georgia pictures

A Georgian photographer working for Reuters, David Mdzinarishvili, recently staged photos to feed the western medias with pictures attesting that Russia committed atrocities in Georgia. You get two examples of the manipulation here, and you can also take a look at this russian analysis of two other pictures, with a guy acting in different situations.

The images shown here were published on Reuters website, some have been taken off the site afterwards. Anyway itâ??s not new to set up pictures to influence the public opinion, it was done in Bosnia as well.

The first picture above was captioned: � Dead woman being carried away by the georgian soldiers from the town of Gori�. However the dead woman holds on to the nurse. Reuters changed the caption afterwards. The second one shows a screaming desperate man sitting� at the same place where the first one was shot.

These two photos, showing an elderly couple crying their dead son, answer framing needs with a moving dead body and old people acting.

So don’t always believe what you see in the paper.

Thanks to Design Daily News